The fun of Horror

From one horror fan to another, you must be if you’re reading this, aren’t horror movies a blast to watch? Why do we watch? Just to see people be brutally murdered by serial killers, Death himself, or some demon from beyond the Gates? Oh sure you get all that plus more if the story is actually good, but mostly horror movies are fun because they are so unbelievable. A murdering doll with the soul of a once flesh and blood killer? A psychopath who can kill through dreams? An alien blob or clowns that hurtle through space, solely intent on wiping out humankind? Crazy and crazier for sure, but only on the movie screen.

“It’s the thrill, you know?” – Midnight Movie

I am a huge fan of horror movies. I haven’t always been, but now it’s my passion almost, nearly the only thing I watch. From the classics to the recent, originals and remakes, horror movies can be funny, campy, gory, spooky, or supernaturally awesome. Midnight Meat Train, Final Destination, The Serpent and the Rainbow, Saw, Army of Darkness, The Blob, all these and more make up my favorite pastime. Isn’t it time you joined me?


One thought on “The fun of Horror

  1. Hey, we follow each other on letterboxd. I noticed you love horror.. including indie horror. I have a website of a list of films you might be interested in. It has a lot of different subgenres of explotation and experiemental films. if you want it, let me know. I will pass on whatever I have that is Horror related.

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