Hot Actors in Horror

Yes, I had to do it. Because I’m a girl and a lover of the male form, my eyes go right to the hottest guy in the movie. It can make for a more interesting show, rooting for him not to be killed is always my main war cry. I know in most horror movies, it’s the actresses that get the most attention, but you do have to have that male protagonist to keep the story rolling, to give the female character more substance. A cheating husband, an abusive boyfriend, the best friend, the gay best friend, even the serial killer himself, all of these have potential in horror of giving women a little more desire to watch.

Starting with my favorite hottie, Dominic Purcell in The Gravedancers. Now, this isn’t to say that The Gravedancers was a great movie. It got a little campy towards the end for me with running away from vengeful spirits, but it was worth seeing Purcell run around. Who wouldn’t be interested in watching such a buff, handsome man like Purcell try to save himself from beings from beyond the grave after making the honest mistake of dancing on a few?

Next up, Jay Hernandez in Hostel. Hostel was a pretty tough movie to watch, because a viewer could believe the story as something that could actually happen. A lot of rich people with too much money and too much time on their hands becoming a member of a club where random people are picked and auctioned off without their knowing just to be killed later on? Gives one the shivers. Jay gives a viewer someone to root for, someone to yell at the screen for. You want him to live, to survive….the pretty face helps.

The Crazies was exactly that….so much crazy in one movie, but Timothy Olyphant makes it so better. No stranger to horror, Olyphant has done such greats as Scream 2 and Dreamcatcher before playing David in The Crazies, so you can appreciate the man being able to say, “Sure,” when his agent comes to him with a horror script. On top of him being so adorable, Olyphant doesn’t play the arrogant boyfriend or the nerdy wimp you see in a lot of horror movies, he’s smart enough to choose the smart characters. I look forward to seeing his next foray into horror.

I think that for my final vote, I’ll throw in Brian Hallisay from Hostel 3. Now, Hostel 3 wasn’t as gory as the first two, but it does get points for bringing the drama and it’s always great to see the Elite Hunting Club get its due. Brian played Scott, the soon to be wed groom who unknowingly made friends then pissed off a member of the Club, but a watcher will continue to root for Scott, even though you think the man has been blown up. Even with burns on the side of his side, Hallisay still looks good.

And for good measure, I’ll throw in two honorary mentions: Andrew Divoff and Danny Trejo.

Yes, that’s right, Danny Trejo……watch anything he’s in, anything….that man can get it.


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