Be still, my bloody heart….

So excited!!!!! Just read on Fangoria (you guys rock!) that Park Chan-wook will be releasing Stoker next year in March. That’s right, Oldboy fans, Park is back and doing it up! I had heard that he was working on a few new projects and now Stoker is completed. It will star Nicole Kidman, Matthew Goode (Watchmen/Ozymandias) and Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland/Alice). From what information is out already, Stoker deals with a young woman (India Stoker) mourning the death of her father and the sudden appearance of an uncle she never knew (Charlie Stoker). Sounds interesting and I have to admit that I loved Wasikowska in Wonderland. A little crow told me that Kristen Stewart had been considered for India, but in complete honesty, just because she played a vampire in Twilight, that does not mean she is the reigning queen of such acting. I recently came across Twilight in the horror section of Half Price Books. Kudos, HPB, you got that right. My crow also told me that Stoker is not a vampire movie, despite the title, so this will be well looking into. I’m always up for a twist. And for all the hottie actor fans out there, Wentworth Miller of Prison Break fame also helped with the writing. So many talents, so little patience.


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