A Word…..

I wanted to take a moment and address just a few small things in regarding Horror Movie Theater. Yes, this is a horror blog and I am definitely a horror fan, but with that being said, I wanted to emphasize a word: FAN. I watch, read, listen, and essentially live horror. That’s what a fan does. I have other interests, don’t get me wrong, I am an avid reader, I’m a collector of Hello Kitty and Tokidoki, I’m always looking for new music, but horror is my number one love. I don’t do chick flicks or rom coms. If I’m not watching horror, it’s usually a martial arts movie or action. Being a horror fan, I am going to have my opinion on what’s good (Insidious), what’s bad (Breadcrumbs) and I throw in hot actors when I can. I talk about the new, the old, and the timeless. Killer Klowns may have terrified me as a child, but it is hilar now that I’m older and can appreciate it for what it is. I have producers that I love (Raimi, Miike, West), prefer most originals to remakes and am always on the lookout for more, more, MORE! Am I obsessed? Well, my house isn’t constantly decorated for Halloween, I’m not always  usually in black and there are some movies that I just can’t stomach (more on that later). So no, I don’t count myself obsessed. However, if James Wan comes anywhere near me, I’m jumping his bones. (Yep, I said it.)

Horror is an art and if loving it is wrong, then trust when I say I don’t want to be right. It’s not for everyone. Jaws scared my mother so bad, she will never watch another horror movie again. That’s ok, you know what you like and you go with it. Horror is mine and this is how I share my passion. So debate with me, tell me your favorite horror movie and why, discuss the virtues of less vs. more and what would happen if Jigsaw was real.

Happy screaming…..


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