Brain Dead (2007)

This is for the fans of Dead Alive. This is for the fans who love the blood and gore of horror, the redder the better. Brain Dead is fantastically bloody. Seriously, what is better than a movie about an good ol’ brain-eating alien killing everyone in its path? Don’t look for any deep thinking here. Even the smartest character introduced in the movie gets dumbed down by the end. This is one for the collection, one for the DVD shelf, a keeper by all means.

Brain Dead is one crazy ride and believe when I say that it doesn’t skimp on the blood and gore by any means. From the start, it comes fast and hard off the racing blocks. Two friends fishing, spending a lazy day on the riverside and all is well with the world until one takes it in the head from the cosmos. Of course, the meteorite just happens to harbour some sort of space parasite, a ravenous brain seeking type  who wants more. One of the things that I like about Brain Dead is the assortment of characters who come together in this chaotic time, the lusty preacher, his busty young assistant, the smart med student and her lesbian friend who really wants to hit that, the con-artist pair of brothers. Joshua Benton plays Clarence, the convict with good intentions that are wasted on his criminal brother and Sarah Grant Brendecke is Shelly, the med student who quickly figures out what the group is dealing with. Keep your eye on these two, they’re the most interesting.

All players end up in a ramshamble cabin as the brothers are fleeing a sheriff’s van after killing the deputy in a splendidly gruesome fashion, the girls got lost on a hiking trip and the good reverend smashed his car trying to get at his assistant’s bountiful assets. The younger brother of the criminal duo attempts to take control of the situation, but after the friendly neighborhood parasite takes out a patrolling ranger, everything descends into chaos.  Brain Dead is fun to watch. Directed by Kevin Tenney, you have to give the man credit for being able to keep a viewer sucked in by honestly not knowing when the next head pop will happen. The story is pretty simple, guy gets hit with space rock, turns into a brain eating nasty, kills everyone on sight and all the blame is laid on the poor shumks lucky enough to survive. Shelly and Clarence find love before Clarence is sent to the big house for life and his woman gets kicked out of med school, ending up barefoot and pregnant. A happy ending for all. One of the most memorable quotes is when Clarence yells out that he’s been shot. Our brillant med student exclaims, “Oh…is it bad?” Clarence looks at her and asks, “Have you ever been shot when it’s good?” Hilar.

Brain Dead is crazy good and yes, I do mean, it’s so nutty, it’s good. Give it a try, you’ll be glad you did.

Scream rating: 5 screams


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