All About Evil (2009)

When it comes to horror on TV, you might have to do a bit of searching for something really good. I don’t watch too many TV shows, especially those claiming to be horror. Vampire Diaries? Are you joking right now? True Blood has some bite to it, but what if you want something with more….meat? That’s why I enjoy Chiller TV. You really never know what surprises you’ll get on the channel and most of them can be pretty satisfying. All About Evil is just one of the little gems I came across when I was beyond bored. Put your feet up for this one, honeys. You’ll enjoy it.

Poor Deborah Tennis. For most of her life, she has been ridiculed and outcast. Quiet, mousey librarian Deborah, no one knows her real desire: to turn her late father’s old movie theater into something glorious with Deborah at the helm. Deborah wants to make movies, she wants to be an actress. Her father’s selfish and high maintenance widow provides the perfect opportunity to break into the industry when Ms. Hell on Heels comes to the theater that Deborah runs in the evenings to demand that she sell the place. When Deborah kills her in a fit of rage, she doesn’t realize that she’s being recorded on the security cameras. Mr. Twiggs, the theater’s assistant, tries to stop it from being played onscreen, but when the movie patrons see it, it’s just a new short film and they love it. Thus, in discovering her inner killer, Deborah embarks on her blood-splattered journey with the help of Mr. Twiggs, two insane twins and a thief. Beautiful beginnings.

It’s almost funny and unbelievably sad to watch the audience be taken in by Deborah’s films as they grow in popularity, but at the same time, can we really blame them? You go the movies to forget your problems for a while. If you’re bullied at school, if your boss is a moron, if your children are just driving you up a wall, the movies is an easy way to be entertained. You don’t believe for a moment that what you’re seeing onscreen is actually happening. Deborah knows this and she runs with it. The only flaw I take issue with in All About Evil is the borderline glorifying of snuff films as Deborah’s (prounounced De-BORE-rah) star rises, but all things considered, it could be worse.

All in all, All About Evil is a great way to pass the time and the deaths are rather inventive. Joshua Grannel (also known as the magnificent Peaches Christ) directed, wrote and also acted in All About Evil, so add that fablousity to the mix and All About Evil is a really good time.


Scream rating: 3 screams


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