WTF Was That?

There have been some great horror movie franchises. A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Halloween, the classics which we all know and love and the addition of newer series such as Saw and Final Destination. Add in Child’s Play, Scream, Alien, Resident Evil, The Exorcist and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and horror fans have a plethora of screams to choose from….if the movie actually provides said screams. Granted, there have been some duds in horror series, not everything can be gold. Some of the biggest names have the biggest blow-ups for sequels and continuations.

First up, Halloween. Out of all of the serial killers, I heart Michael Myers. The stealth, the strength, he’s the strong but silent type we girls just adore in insane metal patients. So you can understand my sad face when Halloween III: Season of the Witch appeared….with no Michael. WTF? The whole movie is laughable, an evil toy maker in a creepy town, a doctor and a shop owner’s daughter investigating the death of her father who shouted a warning to the public, business suit wearing robot lackeys running all over the place taking people’s heads off. For a movie plot about an insane plot to kill children on Halloween through masks, this is a hot mess. Watch if you must, but do not expect big things.

When I first watched Saw, it really got me interested. I was riveted and when the second movie was slated to come out, I was so excited. I missed the chance to see it in theaters…and that was the best six bucks I ever saved. Saw 2 had its moment (emphasis on MOMENT), but it is the worst in the series. (Getting out my soap box and standing on it….) I blame the director, Darren Bousman. Originally, the script was called “The Desperate”, but Bousman couldn’t sell it to any other studios. (Gee, I wonder why, boo.) James Wan was unfortunately unavailable for the second film, so some bad decisions were made. Even though the script was modified, it just fell short of delivering the intensity of the other Saw films. A group of ex-cons are locked in a run-down house full of traps and no escape from a nerve gas unless they figure out a combination to a safe holding an antidote as well as finding other antidote vials around the house. The tests are interesting to watch and Franky G is definitely eye candy, I couldn’t get as thrilled with Saw 2 as I did with Saw III and the others after. A very lackluster attempt for a series.

With Child’s Play, I have to admit that this series has more than a few bombs when it comes to horror. Reviews steadily went down after the first 1988 film. I suppose that the premise of a killer Good Guy doll that keeps coming back again and again is a little much for a horror fan to take seriously. I was truly sorry to see the series become comedic after such a great first film, but I did watch them all. I honestly can not say which is worst, but if push came to shove, I would have to go with Seed of Chucky. First of all, Chucky has a kid. WTF? Second, I had some casting issues. Jennifer Tilly was in Bride of Chucky, the previous movie. She DIED, electrocuted in the tub. No one gets up from that. So why on earth is she in Seed of Chucky? So confused right now……. Third, I’m still not sure about the dual personality of Chucky and Tiffany’s child, Glen/Glenda. Cute idea, but sloppy in execution. But I will give brownie points to Chucky for finally accepting himself for who he is: a homicidal killer who loves his knife. Good for you, baby. Seed of Chucky was funny at times and the deaths were inventive, but I don’t want my horror franchises to slowly dissolve into comedy. I got Army of Darkness, Tucker and Dale vs Evil and Idle Hands for that, thank you.

Now gore up and make more movies.


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