Horror Shorts

I wanted to take a moment and give recognition to the horror shorts. I know that most of us pay more attention to the big name movies and producers, but we forget sometimes that great horror does not have to be in a feature length film. Huge kudos and thanks to undeadcritic (follow at his Tumblr page at http://www.undeadcritic.tumblr.com) who turned me on to some of the best horror shorts I’ve seen in a while. Warning: spoilers, spoilers, spoilers. These shorts come  courtesy of Drew Daywalt and Fewdio, find them on Youtube at fewdiodotcom.

Bedfellows (2008)

When I say, creepsville, I mean, CREEPSVILLE. Bedfellows is just short of 3 minutes long, that’s right, 3 minutes, but enough happens in that time for a viewer to get exactly what is going on. A woman lays in bed sleeping as the camera pans around to pictures of her and her husband. The phone rings and wifey pushes her mate to get the phone. He doesnt, so she leans over him to pick it up. Guess who’s on the other end? Her hubby. Guess who’s in bed with her?

Road Rage

A word to the wise, watch who you’re flipping off. We all deal with our anger differently, but there are some people who will follow you, ram your car out of commission and when you get out to confront them, will knock you out and leave you without that all important digit. Just saying.

Cleansed (2008)

Big ups to the crime scene cleanup crews, especially those that do it alone like the cleaning lady in Cleansed. Wouldn’t be me, that’s for sure. Next to Bedfellows, Cleansed is a favorite of mine as it mixes the right amount of suspense with the horror. Yes, it raises some questions (Why is she cleaning alone? And at night??), but it keeps you riveted.

Fewdio has more shorts on their Youtube channel, so I do invite all horror fans to check them out. Drew Daywalt is a pretty good writer, I enjoy watching his ideas play out onscreen. The comments are pretty hilarious too.


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