Scariest Movies You Haven’t Seen

So I’m doing some reading on the Web and I came across an article on Yahoo that listed several horror movies that the general public may have not seen. Now as a horror fan, I looked over the list and went, “Seen it….seen it….loved it….how could people have completely passed over these???” (See the list here: As I continued to read the article, I noticed it. Most of the films were foreign horror. While I am no stranger to foreign horror and sometimes believe that it is much better than some American horror, I had to admit that I was not that surprised to find that many people have not seen these movies.

Out of the eight movies listed, I had not seen two of them and they were American made. Possession and Something Wicked This Way Comes made the list and while I remember reading Wicked, both movies were something I’ve skipped. Easily remedied though. I will definitely be giving both a try this week. Others that made the list were Pan’s Labyrinth, Suicide Club, Pulse (original Japanese), The Descent, A Tale of Two Sisters and Let the Right One In (original Swedish).  Now these I have seen and I had to agree with Yahoo that they were definitely up there with the creepiness.

Pan’s Labyrinth was not touted as a horror movie, it’s categorized as fantasy, but there are some great scenes designed to freak you out. This is one movie that does not need a remake. Neither do Suicide Club and A Tale of Two Sisters. A word to the wise, there is a sequel to Suicide Club titled Noriko’s Dinner Table, but for a casual watcher, it does get a bit complicated. In my humble opinion, you can watch both, but there is no great need to do so. Noriko’s Dinner Table is definitely for hardcore Asian horror fans.

In regards to the article, I can (sad as it is) understand why these movies are not more popular. They are foreign and subtitled. As basic as that sounds, it keeps a lot of people from getting a great horror experience. I was talking with a friend of mine about Bloody Reunion (a movie that should have made the list, Yahoo, get with it) and I mentioned that it was Korean. He asked if it was dubbed and I said, no, but it’s great in the original language. He told me that he did not want to read the entire movie. Statements like that make me want to scream, but he isn’t the only one. I can only ask that readers and viewers alike do not deprive themselves of such great movies simply because they’re subtitled. Do not wait for a remake. Not everything can be done as brilliantly as Shutter with Joshua Jackson (2008). Check these movies out in their original format. Trust me on this.


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