Paranormal Activity 4 (2012)

I loved Paranormal Activity , still do. It seriously kept me up that night when I saw it in theaters and it may have even affected my Pomeranian at the time (may her furry soul rest in peace). When PA2 was scheduled to come out, I was all over that like a shoe sale at DSW. I went, watched…and was a bit disappointed. True, there were some good scenes, but overall I wasn’t as scared as I wanted to be. PA3 left me puzzled. I continued with the series because mainly of the questions that were unanswered for me. So when PA4 promised to do so, I jumped at the chance to go opening weekend. (Warning: may contain spoilers)

With PA4, the story is picking up after PA2 as Katie leaves with her now dead sister’s son, Hunter. Vanishing for five years, a family in Nevada mark the arrival of a single mother and her son across the street. Alex, the eldest daughter with an obsession for FaceTime, notices how odd the son, Robbie, really is. Along with her friend and wannabe boyfriend, Ben, both teens dismiss the oddness as the actions of a really really lonely kid. Robbie soon becomes a fixture at Alex’s house as he becomes friends with her younger brother, Wyatt. When Robbie comes to stay at his new friend’s for a while, that’s when things get..weird.

I really don’t want to spoil PA4 for a lot of fans out there. I know we wait and wait for October to come around because we want a scare as good as the ones in the first Paranormal. There are some good scenes in PA4 with a gaming console and the outlines of a supernatural, but be warned, your head will hurt after a while when searching. Robbie himself is a rather creepy little boy and he Wyatt are together often, sharing secrets and laughing. Pretty soon, Wyatt is talking to an invisible someone and playing games in the kitchen. The someone is also “playing games” with Alex and her parents, knifes falling from the ceiling, getting locked in the garage with a running car. Intense. Katie herself doesn’t show up until much later in the movie. However, as much as I wanted to like PA4, in true Paranormal fashion, I left the theater with several questions. I know we all wondered what happened to Katie and Hunter after leaving Katie’s sister’s house and then the viewer discovers that Wyatt really isn’t Wyatt. What??? No! Really?? While Ben really does try his hardest to help Alex with the strange stuff going on in the house, my heart broke a little when Katie got her hands on him. (Everyone should have a Ben in their life: funny, cute, and down for whatever.)

So, dear readers, I find myself at a crossroads really with PA4. Perhaps you can help me with my dilemma. Does anybody know the significance of the fork being special when Robbie pulls it out of his bag? You see it only once in the movie and it’s only known for being special. But why, horror fans, why? My next mystery is figuring where Robbie went. After Katie claims Wyatt, Robbie makes like a ghost and goes poof. Was he real from jump? I also have questions about Wyatt. Doesn’t it seem a bit overdone to have him adopted by another family only to come back and kill said family? Lastly, Katie, guurl, five years and you don’t look any older. I really need your anti-aging secret, mama.

All in all, PA4 wasn’t great, but it wasn’t too terrible. The last ten minutes got heavily intense and Katie was thishort of perfect when it came time to play a murderous psychopath. However, it would have benefited writers more to allow viewers to leave feeling satisfied instead of anticipating another Paranormal movie that may or may not answer questions either. Perhaps this horror blogger was a rube to go and see PA4, but given my excitement, I hope you can forgive me. Besides, who else would you trust to bring you such excellent information? LOL. Scare you later, babies.

RIP Stephen Dunham

Scare factor: 4 screams


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