Come Out and Play (2012)

First of all, let me say, that Come Out and Play is one of the movies that run in tandem with The Children, Village of the Damned, Pet Sematary and other horror movies featuring some crazy kids. Come Out and Play is a remake of the 1976 movie Who Can Kill a Child? which raises the old question…..can you?

Without giving too much away, Come Out and Play follows a married couple on vacation before the wife gives birth. Having some time to themselves before the baby comes, they head out to a resort where they are in a sense greeted by kids on the docks….but no one else. Once the couple finds no one else in town but children, they try to find answers.

Come Out and Play isn’t too graphic, there are some bloody scenes, but that isn’t my issue with the movie. I wasn’t that impressed with the movie in general as the plot was rather thin and the story wasn’t that good. Killer kids in an empty town? If you’re going to give me something that interesting, at least give me a reason for the insanity. A father who happens to survive the initial massacre of adults simply tells a story of the children in town getting sick, then waking up giggling, then suddenly screaming. Ok….and then what?

I wanted to like Come Out and Play more than I did, I found myself getting bored during different parts of the movie. However, it did pose a question that a lot of killer kid movies tend to ask…..can you kill a child? Even when that child has a gun pointed at you, can you shoot him? When that small girl is mercilessly beating an old man to death, can you do the same to her? How far is too far when it comes to children? That’s the beauty of Come Out and Play, although the ending was predictable. As a horror fan, I wouldn’t recommend this to many. The movie lagged in places and there wasn’t enough backstory for a great movie, but overall it was decent. If you’re looking for a good killer kid movie, try Bloody Birthday or Orphan.

Scream rating: 2 and a half screams……I had to give credit for the few death scenes. I’m not completely heartless, you know?


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