Top Fave 5 Horror Directors

When it comes to horror, we as fans want a good story. Yes, we want the blood and the gore, but like all genres of movies, the films have to keep our interest. We invest the time and money to see your film, you have to deliver. It’s not just about the actors on the screen either. They do a lot, of course, (and sometimes they don’t do enough), but in all honesty, can we always blame the actors? No, we can’t. Why? Because they were chosen by someone else, someone that we don’t (always) see. And that someone, the director, is one who brings all the elements together. A lot of horror directors get it wrong. Those listed below do not.

5. Ti West (House of the Devil, The Innkeepers)

I love West for his ability to weave a good story. House of the Devil was well made and well done. I loved the look of the film, very retro and throwback, giving you that 80s feel of the babysitter urban legends and general naivete´ of a young girl in a big house. West wields creepy like a well-honed sword. You don’t see the slash coming until you’re bleeding. West isn’t that bad of an actor, either. Check him out in You’re Next.

4. Adam Green (Hatchet, Frozen)

When I first laid eyes on Hatchet, I have to admit that I didn’t expect too much. Silly me. Green wove the bloodiest, goriest, swampiest story I have ever seen and I really don’t think that anyone else can replicate such massive amounts of red. Hatchet was one of the movies that I was actually upset ended and words can not express how ecstatic I was when there was a Hatchet II and then III!!!!!! The franchise is probably the craziest ghost/urban legend movie out there to date and if it’s good enough for Candyman, it’s good enough for me. Nuff’ said.

3. Eli Roth (Aftershock, Hostel)

There is blood and then there is just gross. Sometimes Eli Roth just goes for the ick factor and that works for me. Cabin Fever was one of the sickest movies I’ve watched to date and even just thinking about the bathtub scene makes me……ugh. However, I do like how Roth takes the everyday almost mundane things and turns it up……WAY up. Cabin Fever dealt with a disease. Aftershock is about an earthquake and how truly effed up humans can be when basic needs are limited. I am waiting on the release of The Green Inferno, just pins and needles right now. If it goes the way I think and is a reboot of Cannibal Holocaust……hohohoho…..YEA, BABY! ^___^ (This is my happy face.)

2. James Wan (The Conjuring, Insidious)

James Wan, you brilliant, brilliant man. You get your fans. You get what we’re after. You get that we want a good story, a great story, an interesting twist on the supernatural that we don’t know or haven’t thought of. You get to the personal side of horror. Saw was all about that. You make us horror fans do something we didn’t think as possible as horror fans: we feel for your characters, their experiences, their problems. The Conjuring did that, Insidious did that. I don’t think I was ever more scared than when Dalton whispered, “Dad…..he’s looking.” Oh hells naw.

1. Drew Daywalt (Red Clover, Bedfellows)

Known more for his Youtube horror video shorts, I suggest that you get to know Drew Daywalt. Bedfellows was the first horror short that introduced me to the genius that is part of Fewdio Horror and I have loved Daywalt’s work ever since. It was a pleasant shock to me that he directed Red Clover aka Leprechaun’s Revenge, which is actually part of After Dark Original. I need Daywalt to stay in this genre. I need good boogeyman stories like in There’s No Such Thing and I would love to see a followup to Bedfellows. For all you naysayers out there, watch Meat and tell me you still feel some type of way.

I’m not here to say that my favorites get it right all the time. I mean, Dead Silence lost me for a while and The Last Exorcism could have used some work, but these directors are my favorites for a reason. They seem to actually LISTEN to their fans. Those who know me well will tell you in a heartbeat how furious I was with Saw II. Why? Because Wan’s influence was nowhere to be found. When he came back for Saw III, my faith was renewed. I stick with those who give me what I crave in my horror movies: storyline, good characters, good effects, good scares. I’m a horror fan, dammit! Scare the hell out of me!!!!!

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