The Good of 2012

Lately, I have found myself working (albeit slowly) through the horror list of 2012. I like this year in horror. I was greatly surprised with a lot that 2012 had to offer fans during the year. Granted, I have not watched ALL of 2012’s selection of horror, but be assured that I will continue to work hard for you, horror babies. Good horror can be hard to come by sometimes. This will merely be a list of movies that I have seen and liked rather than reviews on them as that would get to be a very, very, very long post. If you are interested in reviews, please find me on Letterboxd at asterrose where I have several reviews posted on the movies listed below.

So, in no set order, here are my Likes of 2012:

Lovely Molly

[Rec]3: Genesis

The Loved Ones


The Awakening

The ABCs of Death

The Woman in Black



No One Lives

The Bay

A Little Bit Zombie

The Cabin in The Woods

Cockneys vs Zombies

The Possession

Sleep Tight


Hotel Transylvania (Sidenote: Ok, not technically a horror movie, but it has a lot of classic monsters and it’s gothic kiddie cute. I’m not an Adam Sandler fan, but I am a Genndy Tartakovsky and I liked this one.)

So for now, this is my list of those that I liked in horror for 2012. I do expect to update this post when I have worked my way through the releases more, so stay tuned, beasties!


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