New Blog Take On

Hey, horror fans! I’m thinking of taking on a new project headlining my love for horror. As much as I love horror, there are sooooo many movies that I have not seen. So, in a better attempt to streamline what I have and have not seen, I am incorporating my horror notebooks which have complete lists separated by year and using them to watch movies not checked off. The goal: by the end of each month, I would have either seen or at least tracked down 50% of the movies originally not seen by year. For example, I have watched only 12 movies from the year 1989. There were 139 horror movies made that year, sooooo……yea.

I know that this will be a rather time-consuming hobby/project, but one I am happy to take on. I have a full life, yes, but horror is one of my passions and interests and I love watching the new and unknown (at least to me.) I know there will be good ones that I missed, I know that there will be some bad ones. I know that there will be some really, really, REALLY bad ones. I’m ok with that. Let the viewing commence!


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