Indie Horror and Why You Should Love It

I am a huge supporter of horror. That really comes as no surprise, but as a lover of horror, I find myself becoming more and more jaded when it comes to mainstream horror. While Pet and The Witch are able to stand on their own and most horror fans (myself included) do appear to like and appreciate the films, most theatrical releases tend to fall flat with fans such as The Bye Bye Man. (That movie right there will be discussed at a later date. *insert eye roll*). It’s as though big Hollywood doesn’t get horror and doesn’t care that they don’t get it.

One of the bigger complaints that I hear time and time again from horror fans regarding mainstream horror is that it is not scary. You have your cliches, your jump scares, the mirror trick, your final girls……and not much else.  Big Hollywood drops the ball on a lot of the horror elements needed to make a good horror film. I mean, did you think that we wouldn’t notice that you don’t have a good storyline, a plot that makes sense or good character development? Aren’t these just basic rules of telling a story, no matter what the genre? I’m gonna need the Hollywood scriptwriters to come through on this and come through NOW.


So where do we go from here? I’ll tell you, ghouling…..indie horror. Such a simple solution to all of our horror problems. Now this is not to say that all indie horror is fantastic the house (heyyy Rich Lux), but majority of what I’ve seen certainly is. I love indie horror. I live for it. For all my newbie indie fans, this is for you.

What is indie horror?

Simply put, indie horror is horror done independently by a studio or person who does not have a big network affiliation or connection. A lot of indie horror is done by raising money on their own or through crowdfunding on platforms such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Nowadays we have a lot of indie horror that is coming to the forefront because I believe wholeheartedly (and this is just my opinion) that the directors and producers are realizing that big Hollywood just doesn’t give horror the respect it deserves. Horror should be made by those who understand it and those who love it, not by those looking for a cash grab. While Hollywood may realize the appeal of horror and may even want to attempt to draw in new fans, movies like Rings and Blair Witch aren’t helping the cause. That’s why I turn to indie horror more and more these days because those behind it are the real fans of horror. Those behind it are the ones who know it, live it, breathe it, understand it, love it and put that love on display for the world to see. If you’re new to indie horror, let me introduce you to some friends (in my head). 😛

Laurie Brewster- Lord of Tears, The Unkindness of Ravens, The Black Gloves (in crowdfunding process)

Mickey Keating-  Carnage Park, Darling, Pod

Perry Blackshear- They Look Like People

Can Evrenol- Baskin (Disclaimer: I am aware that Evrenol has done other short films and I am on a mission to find and watch them all)

As I know that this is a very short list, I chose to stick to those directors whose work I’ve seen and adored as there are other studios currently at work funding their projects. Josh Hasty is continuing his funding project of Candy Corn, so please check out his website at http://www.candycornmovie. com to see the perks and status. Brewster’s The Black Gloves is one that I am definitely looking forward to and supporting, you can check out his Kickstarter here All in all, indie horror continues to provide horror fans with what they crave: good horror. This is horror for us, for the fans, for the gorehounds, the possession lovers, the monster fanatics. So let your horror flag fly high and support indie horror! You’ll be glad you did.


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